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Why publish machines at Printing-Press.biz?
Your machine will get worldwide exposure to thousands of visitors in seven languages and will rank among the top results in search engines thus increasing your chances of sale.
Please check details here.

How many ads can I post?
Number of ads you may post depend on membership package you have selected. Currently we offer 5 ads FREE! Note that the total number of ads means simultaneously published ads. For example: If you purchase a package which allows posting 10 ads and post all 10, but later delete 5, you can post 5 more!

How long will my ad stay on the site.
All ads are live on the site for 60 days from date of publication regardless of membership duration. So if you post an ad 5 days before your membership expires, your ad will be live for 55 days after your membership has expired.

I am interested in a machine listed on your website. How can I contact seller?
To contact seller first you will need to register an account. You will need to provide a valid email address where you will be sent your login details. After you log in you will be able to contact sellers through contact form on right side of each ad.

How do I get email updates when specific machines I am interested in are published?
Under every category heading and on every search results page you will see this email icon:

When you click on it you will be prompted to enter you email and you will receive email notifications when machines that meet your criteria are published.
For example if you are looking for a five color offset press with autoplate and coater you just enter your search criteria in advanced search then click on email icon and enter your email. You will be notified as soon as a machine that meets your criteria will be published. You can create as many email alerts with different criteria as you want.
You can also sign up for RSS feed or follow Printing-Press.biz on twitter where we tweet newly listed machines.

Why can’t I see prices or contact sellers of the machines?
To get access to prices and to contact sellers directly you need to register an account. Registered members have many benefits including access to all prices, they can contact sellers and save interesting machines to review at a later time. Registration is easy and free. You just need to provide a valid email account where you will be sent your login details.

I am interested in a machine listed on your website. Can I contact Printing-Press.biz to find out more about the machine?
No. Printing-Press.biz functions as an online marketplace where sellers and buyers can communicate directly. We are not affiliated with sellers and we do not have any more information on the machines except for what is publicly listed on the website. To get more details about the machine you need to contact the seller directly through contact form on the right side of each ad.

How do I post machine for sale at Printing-Press.biz?
First you need to register an account. You will need to provide a valid email address where you will be sent your login details. When you log in to your account you must choose a membership package which will enable you to post machines. Currently we offer free posting up to five machines. If you select a payable membership you will be taken to PayPal site to pay immediately. Our prices for posting more than five machines are very competitive regarding to exposure you will get by posting your machines on Printing-Press.biz.
After you have selected membership package you simply click on “Post an Ad” button. You will be taken through three steps. First you select appropriate category for your machine, next you will add detailed description and upload photos, finally you review and confirm your ad. Do not forget to confirm the ad at the bottom of the page in the last step otherwise it will not be published.

I posted a machine for sale but it doesn’t show up on the site. What happened?
Most likely you forgot to confirm your new ad in the last step. Please follow instructions above to post your ad. If you still have problems please contact us at support [at] Printing-Press.biz.

Can I post contact details such as email or website in my ads?
No. Buyers can contact you directly through the contact form next to each ad. This is done primarily to prevent spamming and to encourage genuinely interested buyers to register at Printing-Press.biz which will make it a safer environment for both sellers and buyers.

How do I edit/renew/pause/delete an ad?
You need to be logged in to access your dashboard where you can
or mark your ads as Sold.

I relisted an ad but it doesn’t show on the website. What’s wrong?
After you Renew your ad by clicking on  it is still Paused. You need to click on  for the ad to appear on the site again.

What happens when my membership expires?
When your membership expires, you can still log in and access your ads, but you can not post new ads until you renew your membership. Your existing ads are not affected and will stay live for 30 days since date of publication.

How do I have my ad appear in the slider at the top of the page or have featured badge?
When you post an ad you must mark the field “Featured Listing” and your ad will appear in the slider on top of the page and in top of category and search results.

Can I upgrade my ad to Featured Listing after I have posted it?
At the moment we do not offer this option. You should select “Featured Listing” at the time when you post your ad. However you can delete your existing ad, re-post it and select “Featured Listing”.

Can I have video in my ads?
Yes! If you have a video of your machine you must first upload it to any of the free providers such as Vimeo, YouTube, DailyMotion or similar. If you have already uploaded your video simply paste the URL (address of the video which you can copy from the address bar in your browser) of your video at the end of the machine description on its own line. Do not use any html, parenthesis or similar. Just copy and paste the URL and your video will show in the ad.

There are too many fields to fill in when I post an ad. Do I really need to fill them all? Can’t I just list all specifications of the machine in description field?
Required fields are marked with * However sellers are encouraged to fill in or mark any fields that are relevant to their machine. This has several advantages. When searching buyers will be able to find your machine by specifications you provide in special fields. For example if you are selling an offset Press with automatic plate loading  and you select Autoplate when entering your ad, buyers will be able to find your machine by selecting Autoplate in advanced search. If you do not select this field your machine will not show in these search results.
All fields with machine specifications are also automatically translated in seven languages so buyers who do not understand the language of description will still be able to see most important details about your machine.

I saved some machines to Favorites. How can I access them?
You can access them in the menu through your Dashboard or by going directly to Favorites.

I saved some machines to Favorites but now I can’t see them. What happened?
Favorite machines are saved to cookies in your browser. If you delete your cookies Favorites are also deleted.

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